Excellent hospitality and exceptional lodging near Mendocino, CA awaits at our B&B on the northern California coast.

About the Inn

History abounds here on the Mendocino Coast. Most think it centers on the Village of Mendocino, but don’t overlook the rest of the coast, especially Little River! Little River was a booming town early on. The population was such, that it out grew 2 schools and built a third. Schooners for transporting goods up and down the coast were built here, from locally logged and milled wood. Families encouraged their other family members to come here to live and work. The Dennen’s were just such a family. They were related to the Coombs Family. They were friends of the Pullen and Stevens Families who had built the homes here. The Dennen’s built their home, which is now Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse, in 1877 after arriving from Maine. Over the years their home went through many remodels, initially becoming a bed and breakfast in the 1970s. Now an amazing Bed & Breakfast Inn, it has been repaired and stands today, almost, as it was when it was first built. During the renovation, family artifacts and letters were discovered in the walls. Thus proving that there is still much history to be found in Little River.

Lodging near Mendocino, CA - Dennen's Victorian Farmhouse exterior

Our inn here in Little River is about 2.5 miles south of Mendocino. We are situated on 2 acres on the east side of Highway 1. We have informally formal gardens as well as wild open meadow. There is a creek running through the property that is a wild riparian corridor. There are places to sit in the gardens, and along the creek. Bird and wildlife watching is part of the experience. Blue water ocean views can be seen from 6 of our 10 rooms as well as from around the property. A five minute walk takes you to an incredible, secluded ocean cove. It is quiet enough at night to hear the deer munching apples in the orchards. You can hear the ocean and buoy bells as well.

Our inn is an intimate bed and breakfast. We cater to people who are running away from home for one reason or another. Honeymoons, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, or just running away for the heck of it. We understand that our guests are not coming to visit us, so we do our best not to intrude. However, we are always available to our guests for any reason. We do small weddings, elopements, and vow renewals. We can also help with small groups, meetings, family reunions and ash distribution. We have a State Bonded and Licensed Massage Therapist who comes to the privacy of the guest rooms.

One of our advertising providers heard me taking a reservation. When I hung up he said, “Jo, how am I going to get all that service on one page?” That is who we are. We provide service, we take care of people. We still hand write confirmations and send area information with it. Our guests experience with us starts from the first phone call. When they arrive there is an old fashioned phone to use to announce their arrival. A further way to remove them from their everyday lives.

Lodging near Mendocino, CA - Phone by the front door

Meet the Innkeepers

Fred and Jo had traveled paths that criss-crossed for years and converged in June 1980 in a Bar. Both of them were music fans, young and idealistic.

The first year they were together Fred brought Jo up to the Mendocino Coast… Jo felt like she had just come home. They continued to visit the coast each year and, as time allowed later, they would come at least twice a year. During that time they continued their chosen careers and raised their son.

Both Fred and Jo had 24 year careers. Fred was a production manager in legitimate direct mail. Jo is a Registered Veterinary Technician and was practicing up until they moved. In 1998, they pulled the plug on their careers and the Bay Area and bought Dennen’s.

Having Dennen’s has been an interesting adventure. They have renovated all the buildings and redecorated all the rooms. The entire infrastructure was renovated, as well. It was a steep learning curve yet so rewarding. With an aptitude for cooking, Jo’s Home Ec Teacher smuggled in wine for her to cook with. As a result Jo prepares amazing, inventive breakfasts and hors d’ovoures for the guests, as well as running the office. Fred does the breakfast delivery and keeps the property running. Their son has joined them and assists with the maintenance.

They feel that Dennen’s should be a place of refuge from people’s high-pressure lives. That is what they appreciated when they were still visitors to the Mendocino Coast. They have made it a point to provide incredible customer service for their guests and provide the rooms with feather beds, luxurious linens and over-sized plush towels for their comfort. Breakfasts take into consideration people’s dietary needs and restrictions.

Dennen's Victorian Farmhouse exterior

Fred and Jo have become part of the Mendocino Community. Fred assists with the disabled people in the community as a job coach. He helps those who do a job, to stay on course. He loves to play poker with his friends. Jo became involved with Mendocino County Tourism Promotion. She has been sitting on County Boards since 2001. Currently she sits on the Mendocino County Tourism Commission. She volunteers with the Marine Mammal Center, as she can.

The little piece of heaven that is Dennen’s has become ecologically balanced under Fred and Jo’s care. The wildlife on the property are all native species and there are now fish in the creek. Fred and Jo invite you to come enjoy the serenity of their property and the Mendocino Coast.

From Highway 101 at Cloverdale, take Highway 128 West. Follow Highway 128 W until it reaches the mouth of the Navarro River at the Pacific Ocean. It will take an hour to an hour and a half to get to the end of Highway 128 W at the ocean. Highway 128 W ends at the Navarro River Bridge where it disappears into Highway 1. Follow Highway 1 about 7 miles north to 7001 North Highway 1 — Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse.

From Highway 101 at Leggett take Highway 1; there is only one turn off to take. Follow Highway 1 West and then South to Fort Bragg. It will take about 45 minutes to an hour to reach Fort Bragg. Continue South about 11 more miles (about 15 minutes) passing Mendocino to the South side of Little River and Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse.

From Willits take Highway 20 West to Fort Bragg. It will take about one hour to get to the end of Highway 20 at Highway 1. Turn left and take Highway 1 South about 15 minutes (11 miles) passing Mendocino to the South side of Little River and Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse.

Go West on Highway 20, around Clear Lake to Ukiah and Highway 101. Go South on Highway 101. Take the off ramp at the end of Ukiah, Highway 253 West to Boonville. At the end of off ramp make a left at stop sign and then an immediate right onto 253 West. Follow 253 West to Highway 128. Make a right onto Highway 128 West into Boonville. It will take about 45 minutes to get to the end of Highway 128 W at the ocean. Highway 128 W ends at the Navarro River Bridge where it disappears into Highway 1. Follow Highway 1 about 7 miles north to 7001 North Highway 1 — Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse.

The Mendocino County Airport in Little River (048, SFO Sectional) is another option. It has a mile long, Visual Flight Rules runway. Please call the airport for current information at (707) 937-5129. Rental cars and public transportation are available there to our Mendocino County Hotel.

Physical Address

7001 North Highway One
Little River, CA 95456

Mailing Address

P.O. Box 661
Mendocino, CA 95460