Welcome to the most comfortable Inn in Mendocino County

Dennen’s Victorian Farmhouse is located a few minutes south of Mendocino Village on the awe-inspiring Northern California Coast. Our Mendocino inn exemplifies the breathtaking scenery, exceptional wine, and unrivaled tranquility that the Mendocino Coast is famous for.

Our private hideaway features cozy suites and romantic rooms, offering affordable elegance for the perfect Northern California Coast Getaway. Our Mendocino lodging is a natural paradise, resting on 2 acres of land, designed to be the perfect retreat for couples. Our lush gardens, full of native plants, are the perfect place to sit and soak in the scenery. When you’re not relaxing in your cozy room or suite, stroll to the beach where you can enjoy breathtaking ocean views or explore nearby tidal pools. Whether you’re enjoying a glass of afternoon wine or basking in the secluded beauty of our property, it’s the perfect escape.

Our Mendocino inn is committed to exceptional service, so don’t hesitate to let our staff help you plan the perfect Mendocino Coast Getaway!